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Tarif forfaitaire et livraison gratuite disponible au Canada et aux États-Unis

Le sergent de la force d'action. Abattage Ver. Figurine à l'échelle 2 1/12

Prix d'origine $49.99 - Prix d'origine $49.99
Prix d'origine $49.99
$49.99 - $49.99
Prix actuel $49.99
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La ligne originale de figurines de style militaire de Valaverse, Action Force, continue avec la version 2 du menaçant Sergeant Slaughter !

Cette figurine à l'échelle 1/12 comprend plus de 30 points d'articulation, plusieurs accessoires, des armes pour faire le travail et un présentoir Action Force pour le placer n'importe où.

Force d'action par Bobby Valavere


  • sergent. Chiffre d'abattage
  • 3 jeux d'aiguilles alternatives
  • Chapeau à larges bords
  • Casquette
  • Des lunettes de soleil
  • Gilet
  • Pistolet
  • Étui
  • Plate-forme de poitrine tactique
  • Lance-grenades
  • Rester

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Calvin Woo

Action Force Sgt. Slaughter Ver. 2 1/12 Scale Figure

Amazing figure, eventually got a second. ;)

This slaughter is badass. The articulation is pretty much equal to a classified figure. Scale is great and adds variety to the heights of everyone. Some people think slaughter should be the size of say the gung-ho figure, but he is just a bit taller than duke or flint and that is perfect. The weapons and accessories are great as well and add to a variety of ways to set him up.
A must have figure for a classified joe collector. :) Thanks Amir for getting him into Canada for us all.

Joe Roseberry
Great figure.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good this figure was. All it needed was the metal tipped baton!!!

larry borges

sarge ag his best

John Prime
Listen up! The Sarge loves this

Excellent figure. Tight elbows and knees out of the box but quickly remedied with 15 to 30 seconds hair dryer method then he was doing all kinds of poses. I have 4 Action Force figures so far including wave 1 Sarge..... This is one of My faves now. Even comes with vest and 2 hats along with other accessories.
Looks awesome in photos and all the articulation for poses you would want.
Body Looks like Schwarzenegger from Predator and face resembles Jesse Ventura and Mezco Popeye... He ain't got time to bleed