Transformers Legacy Deluxe Autobot Skids

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TRANSFORMERS G1-INSPIRED DESIGN: This Transformers: Legacy 5.5-inch Autobot Skids robot toy is inspired by the animated series, The Transformers, updated with a Generations-style design
UNIVERSES COLLIDE: Universes continue to collide with Transformers: Legacy! This epic line of Transformers toys brings together fan-favorite characters from across the Transformers multiverse

Harness the power of Energon with the Transformers: Legacy Deluxe Autobot Skids robot toy! Skids may be a bit of a daydreamer, but he’s a fast learner and can think on his feet.

Universes continue to collide! Transformers: Legacy brings together fan-favorite characters from across the Transformers multiverse. Figures feature deco inspired by their universe with an updated Generations design. In honor of the almost 40-year legacy of Transformers entertainment, the fandoms come together from across the Transformers multiverse, all in one toy line.

Customer Reviews

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Shawn L
He's alright

As a character, I like Skids a lot. The original Honda City Turbo is one of my favorite alt modes. (the MP version is awesome) I try to like this new version of Skids but he feels incomplete and unfinished. Lots of clear plastic, hollowness in the legs, the fussiness of getting the tabs aligned just taint my feelings about him. The simplicity of the transformation actually doesn't bother me, but it's the fit and finish that bring it down. I'm glad I have him but he's far from a top 10 for me.

Brayden B.
Legacy Skids

Absolutely love this figure. Great design.


Its weird to say but I ended up liking this more than I expected to. Worth the purchase!

Awesome update

A great toy, with a simple transformation and amazing sculpt. Great added play value with the combining weapons that the figure can hold in its hands, or mount on his forearms. Really happy I got this fig. :)