Toy Snowman FAQ frequently asked questions.


Where are we Located?
We are located in Montreal Canada

Do you ship to the USA ?
Yes we do ship to the USA and have free shipping on orders above 99$ USD

Do you ship to International (Europe / Asia / south America ) ??

Yes we do but you will have to have your address checked with our shipping checker on check out to see if we can ship to your address. 



Preorders - Do you charge up front or when the item ships?Our order are charged at the time of order. We do offer for larger order above 300$ to have a draft order ( your order is not charged at the time of order but will be charged at time of shipping )

Can I cancel my preorders? is there any fees?
In general we do not charge cancelation fees but order above 100$  we do ask kindly to take the refund in store credit rather then a cash refund as this saves us processing fees. If you really need the cash then we refund no problem.
Repeated order cancelation however does hurt us as we try our best to keep cost down and repeated order cancelations will lead you to not being able to preorder or paying a Fee ( the cost of processors ) about 10% of the order.


Shipping and Holding items to Ship Later 

my order is mixed with preorder and in stock will you ship it multiple times?

We ship by Whole orders. If a mixed in stock and preorder will have to wait for the preorder. 

We recommend having multiple order that contain items with similar ETA or same wave.

 SHIP IT LATER to save on shipping

  1. How does the "Ship It Later" shipping option work?

    This service provides you tools to hold purchased items until you decide to ship them. There are a few guidelines for this option: It can be found on check out using store pick up / Ship it later on check out.

    Guideline #1 - Hold Times

    When you hold preorder items, those items must ship within 6 months of the date of release.

    When you hold in-stock items, those items must ship within 6 months of the hold.

    Guideline #2 - Abuse

    Excessive abuse will result in removal of the ability to use this feature of the website. What defines 'excessive abuse' will be up to our discretion, but if it feels like abuse, it probably is.

    You'll be able to review and find your current hold orders on your My Account page.

Email to send out your combined orders with the order Numbers


 Rewards Program

There is a rewards program Which is multi - levels and tiers

1. Every purchase has a cash back - store credit earned.
2. There is a Lifetime discount depending on your Level ( from 2% to 10% off all items) - Levels are earn by spending money over time at
3. More store credit can be reached by reviewing toys, buying certain items or amounts ECT. referrals.
4. There is a Referral code - that gives you and the sender ( store credit ) and the buyer gets a 5% discount coupon that can be used on any order AFTER the first order. This means you can make a small first order and a LARGER 2nd order later with a 5% discount.




Collector packaging and coupons.

If you would like collector packaging  AND to use your reward point/ coupons. the process is different.
please choose standard packaging and then purchase the following item listed in the link below for your items. Do not purchase collector packaging in the item page if you are planning to use coupons. as this will not work.