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Flat Rate and Free Shipping Available to Canada & U.S.

HGCE - #250 - Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam 1/144

by Bandai
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  • Equipped with the "SEED Action System," an internal structure specialized for reproducing impressive action poses from the "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED FREEDOM Series.
  • The joints that connect the legs to the groin have mechanisms that allow the legs to individually swing up and down, enabling the toes to be extended and poses where the legs are lined up.
  • Realistic metallic gloss injection has been used for the golden sections!
  • The wings move individually and have a wide range of articulation. The white wings have eight sliding sections that can be moved to recreate their unfolded state.
  • The Proud Defender can be removed and displayed individually.
  • The Futsunomitama physical blade is included and two types of surface finishes have been applied to the blade to recreate different textures.
  • The revealed state of the cannon on the forehead can be recreated by exchanging parts.
  • The waist-mounted railgun can be deployed, allowing for the recreation of a simultaneous firing state.
  • A wide variety of armaments such as beam sabers and beam shields are included, as well as grips that can be used to reproduce the connected state of the beam sabers.


  • Sword (Futsunomitama) ×1
  • Beam Rifles ×2
  • Beam Sabers ×2
  • Combined Saber grip ×1
  • Beam Shield ×1
  • Head part ×1
  • Hand parts ×1 set
  • 3D metallic stickers ×1
  • Stickers ×1

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