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Tarif forfaitaire et livraison gratuite disponible au Canada et aux États-Unis

Vorgga - Légions Cosmiques -Hvalkatar : Livre Un

Prix d'origine $64.99 - Prix d'origine $64.99
Prix d'origine $64.99
$64.99 - $64.99
Prix actuel $64.99
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Informations sur le sujet

  • Nom - Usage courant : Vorgga
  • Nom - Complet : Vorgga
  • Course: Korbarien
  • Affiliation : TombeAnneau
  • Planète d'origine : Ocungga

Détails du jouet

  • Sorti en: Hvalkatar : Livre 1
  • Accessoires: Blaster ultra-lourd, sac à dos et ceinture de munitions
  • Têtes supplémentaires : Oui, 2 têtes au total - une avec un masque facial et une sans

Renseignements recueillis sur ce sujet :

Imbibé de sang et mortel, le cercle le plus bas des cellules de la prison de Hvalkatar n'est pas si affectueusement connu sous le nom de GraveRing. Le GraveRing est également le bloc cellulaire connu pour héberger les détenus les plus durs et les plus perturbateurs de la prison. Vorgga ne fait pas exception.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Graham
One of the best of the Cosmic first wave

The first two Cosmics I knew I wanted were Zeeri and Vorgga. Both delivered on expectations.

Vorgga has an all new female body type from Horsemen (Orcs should adopt it in Mythic) and it gives her a unique silhouette on the shelf. Add on the hefty shoulder pads, ammo pack, and heavy repeater, and even a basic "hold the gun" pose gives her a nice presence.

The paint apps on the head are so clean and complement the unique sculpt. She has a humanoid/eleven face, but the head is large and her purple hair (ponytailed) seems to come from beneath her skull plates in the back. It's a good alien look, but she still looks human enough to relate and capture your imagination and empathy while you pose her up and come up with stories. The skin pattern is executed nicely, and the blue bits match her eyes. The alternate portrait with the rebreather looks fantastic.

The figure exudes Gears of War and Mandalorian's Cara Dune vibes thanks to the blue colour scheme and bare arms carrying a "piss off" gun.

Put against any other Cosmic figure so far (or whatever else you have on the shelf), she has unique silhouette and design, a one of a kind weapon, and even with other waves revealed, she stands alone. Great for being Zeeri's muscle and Olek's tank for the posse.

Only downsides are the usual limited articulation against many other figures and the extra hands were sold not only separately, but manipulated to require Zeeri as well. But those are two of the best in the wave anyway, so the hands are worth it.

johnathan osullivan

Awesome 😎💯