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Flat Rate and Free Shipping Available to Canada & U.S.


MG 1/100 Strike Rouge - Ootori Unit - Ver RM

par Bandai
Prix d'origine $53.00 - Prix d'origine $53.00
Prix d'origine $53.00
$53.00 - $53.00
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A collaboration between the Gunplay department and the Seed Remaster project has spawned the fastest prototype concept to Master Grade kit ever. The MG Strike Rouge + Ootori Ver. RM features the similar recently released kit in Cagali's pink colors.

The EW454F Ootori pack was created by mechanical designer Kunio Okawara for the Destiny HD Remaster and bears the same concept of a multipurpose flight pack. It features an anti-ship sword, compact missiles under the wings, an over the shoulder missile launcher, as well as a beam launcher and rail gun.

This MG model features wings that open and close as well as a stand to put the Strike Rouge in aerial poses!


  • Pieces to build
    • Strike Rouge
    • Ootori Striker
      • Stand
    • Anti-Ship Sword
    • Shield
    • Beam Rifle
    • 2 Armor Schneiders
    • Hand parts
  • 2 Cagalli Yula Athha figurines
    • Standing
    • Sitting
  • Stickers
  • Instructions

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