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Transformers War for Cybertron Siege Titan Omega Supreme WFC-S29

von Hasbro
Ursprünglicher Preis €220,95 - Ursprünglicher Preis €220,95
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€220,95 - €220,95
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Bauen Sie mit Siege-Figuren das ultimative Schlachtfeld. Siege stürzt die Fans in den epischen Kampf ums Überleben am letzten Tag des Kampfes zwischen Autobot und Decepticon um die Kontrolle über Cybertron. Während der Widerstand der Autobots gegen die Widerstandsarmee der Decepticons antritt, lauert der unnachgiebige Hauptmann der Autobot-Armee und Stadtverteidiger Omega Supreme – die letzte Verteidigungslinie der Autobots.

Diese kolossale 2-Fuß-Figur der Titan-Klasse WFC-S29 Omega Supreme verfügt über ein G1-inspiriertes Design und lässt sich in den Autobot Command Center-Modus umwandeln, der aus einem Panzer, einer Rakete, einem Kontrollturm und einem Verteidigungsbereich besteht. Der mitgelieferte Micromaster, Autobot Countdown, passt in Rakete, Panzer und Kontrollturm und kann entlang der Verteidigungslinie fahren. Enthält 6 Fire Blasts-Zubehörteile, um Kampfeffekte auf die Figur und den Command Center-Modus zu simulieren.

Dank der Skalierung, die zu anderen Siege-Figuren passt, können Fans ihr ultimatives Schlachtfeld aufbauen! (Jeweils separat erhältlich. Je nach Verfügbarkeit.)

Enthält: Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Siege WFC-S29 Omega Supreme-Figur, Micromaster-Figur, 6 Fire Blasts-Zubehörteile und Anweisungen.


  • Konvertiert vom Roboter- in den Autobot Command Center-Modus in 37 Schritten.
  • Der Command Center-Modus umfasst einen Panzer, eine Rakete, einen Kontrollturm und einen Verteidigungsbereich.
  • Enthält Micromaster und Autobot Countdown, passt in Rakete, Panzer und Kontrollturm und kann entlang der Verteidigungslinie fahren.
  • Verwenden Sie die 6 mitgelieferten Fire Blasts-Zubehörteile, um Kampfeffekte auf der Omega Supreme-Figur und im Command Center-Modus zu simulieren.
  • Erstellen Sie eine größere Missionsausrüstung für Omega Supreme, indem Sie zusätzliches Waffenzubehör aus anderen Siege-Figuren zusammenstellen. (Jeweils separat erhältlich. Je nach Verfügbarkeit).
  • Figurenmaßstab: 24 Zoll

Ab 8 Jahren

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shawn L
He's Awesome

[****]'s robot mode is wonderfully solid and chunky. Incredible articulation for the size. Base mode is great and the rocket is impressively sized with a clever transformation to convert into his arms. His tank mode is great but the turret doesn't rotate and is made out of two parts that don't really peg together in any way. The only flaw in this great figure.

Worth every [****]

This figure gives you basically everything you could ask for. All the modes look good, it poses well, it plays well, and best of all it's HUGE!

Rocket base: It has a fully enclosed track for the micromaster companion or tank to roll around on. It is also just wide enough to allow Voyager Optimus to also go around. There is a multitude of ramps and clips for connecting other base figures with it. There are internal compartments on either side which can be used for internal operations areas or storage for the blast effects. The rocket gantry features molded in pipe and garage door details. as well as an observation deck made out of what would have bee an unsightly part of the combination. there are multiple platforms to pose figures interacting, and perhaps preparing for takeoff. There is also molded in missile details for play defense of the station.

Tank: Likely the part to be played with the most. Very sturdy construction. While the turret doesn't rotate, each barrel can angle up for sky attack, and there isan internal compartment for the mini figure to pilot it. It is very big, well detailed, and compatible with the included blast effects.

Rocket: The main visual centerpiece of the 3 modes. While it features copious molded detail, it has some unsightly half painted sections, and the rocket has issue standing. Still quite an impressive sight.

Transformation: Despite the size, the transformation and combination of each component is pretty streamlined and easy to follow, and it all holds together very well. Unlike the original toy from 1985, this figure doesn't come apart into a hundred pieces, rather only really the individual modes, which is a testament to how far engineering for transformers has come in 40 years.

Robot: Large and in charge, this beefy boy eats up space like a toddler to cookies. It's big, sturdy, and also pretty heavy. This means he can take about any pose and hold it. Play features wise he has another canon on the back of his head, but it doesn't work with blast effects. The rocket ports on the right arm, laser canon on left arm, small guns in the chest, and various ports surrounded by "Burn" damage can all interact with the blast effects, making for a terrific display. You can also still open the yellow parts on the chest for even more weaponry. This figure truly is the BEST thing Hasbro has made in the past 10 years.

The Big Prize For Your Siege (WC) Collection

This is no joke, the ultimate prize for your Siege collection. Omega Supreme is incredible, down to the quality, size, detail, and playability. The separate components are fun either on their own, or working together. The tank doesn't look like it fits properly on the track, but it still rolls on it, however, with smaller figures either Deluxe or Micromasters, it works, especially with the included Countdown. The rocket is incredibly massive, just be sure its all tabbed together. The robot is amazing, stable, and the details are mind-blowing. Love the head sculpt, the claw and [****], and the articulation still continues from the Siege line with a strong foot tilt and waist joint. I bought this intending to be the big piece in my Siege collection and I have no regrets getting it.