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Flat Rate and Free Shipping Available to Canada & U.S.

Transformers Studio Series 83 Voyager Soundwave

by Hasbro
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A easy favorite transformer toy

STUDIO SERIES VOYAGER CLASS: Voyager Class figures are 6.5-inch collectible action figures inspired by iconic movie scenes and designed with specs and details to reflect the Transformers movie universe, now including The Transformers: The Movie!
6.5-INCH SCALE SOUNDWAVE: Figure features vivid, movie-inspired deco, is highly articulated for posability, and comes with blaster and shoulder cannon accessories inspired by the film
BIG SCREEN INSPIRED: Figure scale reflects the character’s size in the world of Transformers: Bumblebee. Figure and packaging are inspired by the iconic Cybertron Falls scene
2 ICONIC MODES: Figure features classic conversion between robot and Cybertronian hover spacecraft modes in 29 steps. Perfect for fans looking for a more advanced converting figure. For kids and adults ages 8 and up
REMOVABLE BACKDROP: Removable backdrop displays Soundwave figure in the Cybertron Falls scene. Fans can use the backdrop and pose their figures in the scene with their own style

Studio Series has always allowed fans to reach past the big screen and build the ultimate Transformers collection inspired by iconic movie scenes from the Transformers movie universe. Now, the Studio Series line is expanding to include the epic moments and characters from the classic 1986 The Transformers: The Movie, bringing fans a whole new series of screen-inspired figures to collect! (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

This Studio Series 83 Voyager Class Transformers: Bumblebee-inspired Soundwave figure converts from robot to Cybertronian hover spacecraft mode in 29 steps. Remove backdrop to showcase Soundwave in the Cybertron Falls scene. In the Cybertron Falls scene from Transformers: Bumblebee, the fate of Cybertron is sealed as Soundwave orders the Decepticons to launch a final attack, causing the Autobots to fall back. Pose the figure out with the included blaster and shoulder cannon accessories and imagine recreating this classic movie moment!

Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Includes: figure, 2 accessories, removable backdrop, and instructions.
Figure scale: 6.5 inches

Ages 8 and up
Warning: Choking Hazard -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
If you like it, you're insane.

Robot mode has terrible articulation. A staple of a Soundwave is if the figure can reach up and press the eject tape button on the chest. To accomplish this, the actually GOOD Soundwaves have double jointed elbows that allow the hand to reach the button. This figure also has double jointed elbows, but the design is so rediculous and fat that even if the figure had three entire elbow bends it STILL couldn't reach the button. This is the same for the knees, as despite bot being double jointed neither can reach more that a 90 degree bend, which completely removes the point of there being double joints in the first place. The Ravage gimmick sucks too, you can't actually fit the core class Ravage in there, trying to causes the back to untab which makes the back flop open just for ravage to flop out the other side. And this is only because the back contains the fake robot chest for the vehicle mode. Considering they had absolute complete creative freedom over the design of the alt mode, there is absolutely no reason this part even needed to exist, and hell you can even remove it easily enough and all it does is improve both modes because now the still equally nothing of an alt mode looks now worse, theres now no fauxforming, and ravage can actually fit in the chest. This figure is so BAD you make it better by BREAKING it on PURPOSE.

The alt mode is garbage. It is nothing, with a fake robot chest slapped on top. The shyoulders are given this increadibly stupid design where the outward movement is in the actual chest and not the shoulder, and the shoulder armor itself doesn't actually move with the arm when you rotate it forwards and backwards, instead it has flaps to facilitate this movement, and it all just looks terrible. Not to mention, if you have the shoulder canon in the screen accurate position you COMPLETELY lose the outward shoulder movement on one arm. And the shoulders are designed like this to facilitate the robot turning into a robot folded into a nothing shape. I am BAFFLED at how the deluxe BBM Cybertronian figures managed to have at least decent alt modes that didn't look like folded up robots while also working with designs that had absolutely no vehicle parts on them, but this VOYAGER has a worse alt mode than the Siege Soundwave which was equally lacking alt mode parts in robot mode.

But hey, it's accurate to an incredibly flawed screen design that was only playing off nostalgia, so thats still nothing and this figure sucks.

Brayden B.
Studio Series Soundwave

Great robot mode. Vehicle mode leaves a bit to be desired but it is kind of and obscure reference which I do appreciate. Overall it's a pretty nice figure.

Kyle Barnhill

Transformers Studio Series 83 Voyager Soundwave

Amazing design for Soundwave

Man did they ever turn the G1 version of Soundwave into an amazing real-life representation. This figure truly does justice to the on-screen model. The sculpt is well-designed and the robot mode is pretty much perfect. The alt mode is a bit out there, but hey, it's a Cybertronian spacecraft, it's going to be weird. Highly recommend picking this guy up. Overall, all of the designs from the Bumblebee movie look pretty great.

Great service, great figure.

Great service by TSM as always. And Soundwave? Killer bot mode, can interact with Core Class Ravage (sold separately), interesting alt mode (although not for everyone).