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THYGAR HVALKATAR - Cosmic Legions- Hvalkatar: Book One

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Subject Information

  • Name - Common Use: Thygar
  • Name - Full: Olek Thygar
  • Race: Abollex
  • Affiliation: GraveRing
  • Planet of Origin: Pythairria

Toy Details

  • Released In: Hvalkatar: Book One
  • Accessories: Heavy blaster, 2 blaster pistols, extra-heavy blaster, 2 wrist blasters, 2 sets of hands
  • Additional Heads: Yes, one with an integrated helmet and another unhelmeted head that the large dome can be placed on top of

Gathered Intelligence on this Subject:


Waking up dazed and distressed in an unfamiliar darkness, Olek Thygar is unknowingly at the threshold of a life forever changed. After being beaten and dragged along a jagged floor by faceless armored soldiers, Thygar finds himself restrained and staring up at the gates of the infamous prison known as Hvalkatar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tom Brimmell

This was my introduction to the Four Horsemen line and I couldn't be more impressed. Great sculpt, great paint and a joy to pose. This line is a true rival to Neca...which I own a sizable collection of...but, I gotta say...will be ordering more of these in the near future. Thanks again Toy Snowman for a fast, free and no hassle experience. You have my action figure order business locked.

Samuel Lapointe-Savard

Superbe figurine. Une nouvelle gamme à surveiller