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Mythic Legions - Thraice Wraithhailer - Poxxus

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Character Details

  • Faction: Circle of Poxxus
  • Race: Umangeist
  • Role: Summoner

Toy Details

  • Released In: Poxxus
  • Accessories: Magic effects, magic staff
  • Additional Heads: Yes - 2 heads total



Illusive and dangerous, the pale skinned Umangeist are thought by many to be apocryphal. A corrupt supernatural mingling of flesh and phantasm, the ashen skinned Umangeist are all too real to those unfortunate enough to cross their path. Thraice Wraithhailer’s ambition has driven her to augment her deadly capabilities by learning the ways of summoning magic. Thraice’s inherent connection to the spirit world heightens her abilities to devastating effect. An unquenched lust for power eventually drove her into the fold of The Circle of Poxxus where Thraice Wraithhailer emerged from the shadows as a transformed being created by the horrific melding of unnatural magical powers. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jona Stuart
Thraice Wraithhailer

The Four Horsemen quality is ever-present. All around, great articulation and detail, and very photogenic! The soft elements require just a little bit of extra care when handling and when posing. Taking the time to gradually shape the inner wires of the cloak will get it to eventually attain the shape you are seeking, but it is a minor challenge, for sure, requiring some patience when handling.


Just as beautiful as the pictures and very posable for epic battle stances. Head is easy to swap and every accessory fits perfectly to the figure. Some parts paint was missed on the interior of the head, however is masterfully hidden by using clear materials so that you see the paint on the outside. Highly recommend, no argument.

Chris A
Great Figure!

Great sculpt and paint apps. Articulation is pretty good too. This one comes with a really nice soft goods cloak and a good variety of accessories.