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Gargoyles Goliath

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1994 saw the launch of Disney’s Gargoyles, a fun animated show that took a new approach to serialized tv. Each episode was an independent story, with overarching links created between the many interesting characters that filled the world of the nocturnal creatures. 

Beast Kingdom’s highly articulable ‘Dynamic 8ction Heroes’ DAH is back with a new beastly design. The ‘DAH-034 Gargoyles Goliath’ brings one of the main characters from the show to life with detailed design and around twenty-six points of articulation for fans to enjoy! With a mixture of detailed paintwork and real fabric for the cloak and trousers, the impressive figure also includes led-light functions for the eyes, perfectly recreating Goliath's intense stare! Two replaceable head sculpts, three pairs of hands, and stone designed base allow fans to recreate memorable moments from Disney’s dark yet fun animated show. Take home a little Gargoyle fun today, only from an official Beast Kingdom outlet. 

Included Accessories:

  • DAH designed body with around 26 points of articulation
  • Two (2) Goliath head sculpts (Normal, angry) 
  • LED-Light function in eyes
  • Three (3) pairs of replacement hands (Fist, open hand, gripped) 
  • wings spread
  • Trousers made of real fabric
  • Special, branded base with bracket

Special Features:

  • 1:9 scale action figure
  • Photorealistic modeling
  • Plentiful accessories and equipment
  • Detailed sculpture and painting category


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