G.I. Joe Classified Series Alley Viper

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From the dark alley in cobra lair to your toy shelves in Canada. The Alley Vipers are here.

Build your armies! This Cobra Alley Viper figure comes ready for action, with multiple points of articulation for high poseability and 9 character-inspired accessories. And with custom artwork by Tom Whalen, the G.I. Joe Classified Series Alley Viper package will make a mark on shelves

Customer Reviews

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Paul Skorez
Amazing Figure Overall - a few minor issues

Despite being neon orange and blue for some reason the Alley Viper has always been one of my favorite designs. Hasbro nails the look on this Classified update. The details and load out on the figure is on point. He has all the classic weapons that the original figure had + an additional rifle and knives and pistol that can be holstered. The only flaw is the ammo clip on his "vintage" gun makes it impossible to hold properly in his right hand - you either need to remove the clip or make him hold it funny. My only other issue is that the big body vest takes away the ability to utilize the butterfly joints for the arms so it is a shame to lose that articulation. These issues are more a design compromise than a deal breaker. Again this is a great figure.

Toy Snowman shipped them well and all 3 of my figures came in excellent condition.

Great troiop builder

Classic toy in six-inches

Daniel Sertl

Probably the best figure in the line. Gives me high hopes for future releases

Raymond Chong
Alley Viper

Received pair of Alley Vipers on Family Day. Items were shipped quick and safely packed. Love the detail and all the accessories that came with this figure!

David Washington
G.I. [****] purchase

Purchased G.I. [****]s from Toy Snowman. Super great to work with, free shipping and was sent quickly. Will definitely purchase for them again.