G.I. Joe Classified Series Snake Eyes & Timber: Alpha Commandos

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G.I. EXPLODES INTO a larger-THAN-life technology WITH 6-INCH SCALE FIGURES: The G.I. Joe categorised series evolves the characters lovers understand and love into a relatively articulated 6-inch scale with premium deco and detailing
conventional SNAKE EYES-stimulated design: This discern functions a conventional layout up to date to convey the G.I. Joe ninja into the present day technology, plus add-ons stimulated by means of the person’s rich history, in addition to the inclusion of his wolf associate, wood
COLLECTIBLE PACKAGING WITH custom artwork: becoming a member of some of the nice artists from the sector of comics, graphic layout in our artist partnership software, Wylie Beckert provides a completely unique style to the Snake Eyes package deal
fairly POSEABLE WITH top rate DETAILING: these G.I. Joe categorised collection figures characteristic top rate detailing and articulation for dramatic motion poseability (some poses may also require additional aid)
make bigger YOUR ROSTER: search for different 6-inch-scale G.I. Joe categorized series figures (every bought one by one) and construct your roster

G.I. Joe is a notably professional, on-demand, unique operations force of males and females from around the world. these especially talented heroes are decided on for their elite capabilities and tasked with defending the sector from Cobra, a ruthless crook organization bent on overall domination. With unwavering courage and steely willpower, the courageous contributors of G.I. Joe are prepared to searching for out Cobra in any surroundings on this planet. From antagonistic jungles to ice-clad arctic peaks…wherever there’s hassle, G.I. Joe is there.

The Snake Eyes & wood figures come geared up for motion, with multiple factors of articulation for high poseability and person-stimulated add-ons. And with custom art work by Wylie Beckert, the G.I. Joe categorized collection Snake Eyes & wood: Alpha Commandos package deal will make a mark on shelves.

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Marc Chaharyn
Great find

Was having trouble getting this figure then saw this store mentioned on a forum and got mine today. Thanks!

Snake Eyes and Timber

Fantastic figure…one of the best classified figures out so far. Toy snowman’s customer service and packing made this purchase exceptional and I recommend buying from toy snowman with the utmost confidence.

Christian Nowzari
Fantastic Figure!

Great figure, lots of cool accessories and fantastic sculpt on both SE and Timber.

François Chartier

G.I. Joe Classified Series Snake Eyes & Timber: Alpha Commandos

Dustan R
Classified Snake-Eyes & Timber

Amazing figures ! Toysnowman Is the best! This is my Third toy order through them. I have not been disappointed. Got my order a head of schedule. Figures where back in bubble rap. Will definitely be ordering more product! Thank you !