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Star Wars: The Black Series 6“ Commander Bly (The Clone Wars)

von hasbro
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Ursprünglicher Preis $36.99
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Kinder und Fans können sich mit Figuren aus der Black Series die größten Schlachten und Missionen der Star Wars-Saga vorstellen! Mit exquisiten Funktionen und Dekorationen verkörpert diese Serie die Qualität und den Realismus, die Star Wars-Fans lieben.

Die Actionfigur „Black Series Clone Commander Bly“ im 6-Zoll-Maßstab ist so detailliert, dass sie wie die Figur aus Star Wars: The Clone Wars aussieht, mit erstklassigen Details und mehreren Artikulationspunkten.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great sculpt, but I wish the paint apps were different

Because I had pre-ordered the upcoming 6-inch Aayla Secura, I decided it was time to get a Commander Bly to display alongside her on my shelf (and subsequently shoot her in the back when she isn't looking, because you know... Order 66...) This figure has a great sculpt and he holds his rifle quite well but I do wish that Hasbro hadn't made the decision to go for a "battle damaged" paintjob. I always feel that Hasbro rarely gets this right when they try for that look, and here the idea is that some of the paint is missing in certain areas I guess to show that the paint got scraped off during fighting or whatever but it just makes the figure look sloppy.

It is also worth pointing out that his visor binoculars is made of a more rubbery plastic and mine was warped a bit right out of the package because when I rotate it down in front of his eyes, I noticed that the binocular wasn't horizontal, it was angled a bit to one side.

His kama is made of a very thin softgoods, and not plastic, in order to allow for poseability. That's fine, but being so thin does make me worry that it might tear easily.

Great service

Product arrived quickly and well packaged. Would happily recommend buying from Toy Snowman.

brian blaymires
great. thanks


Rob Dew

Super cool figure . Love the detail with Black Series

Justin MacDougall

Great figure with excellent level of detail