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Snake Eyes – GI Joe Threezero

von ThreeZero
Ursprünglicher Preis $199.99 - Ursprünglicher Preis $199.99
Ursprünglicher Preis $199.99
$199.99 - $199.99
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Snake Eyes Sammelfigur im Maßstab 1:6, inspiriert von Hasbros Retro -GI-Joe-Figuren! Die 12 Zoll große Snake Eyes-Sammelfigur im Maßstab 1:6 verfügt über den voll beweglichen Standardkörper von ThreeZero mit handgeschneiderten Stoffkostümen mit viel Liebe zum Detail. Snake Eyes enthält eine vollständige Auswahl an Zubehör, darunter Pistole, Uzi, taktisches Messer, zwei Katanas, drei Rauchgranaten, drei Betäubungsgranaten und insgesamt vier Paar austauschbare Hände.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Humberto Henriquez
amazing figure

great quality and great material, recommended

Steve Nahra
Updated childhood memory in 1/6 scale

Snake-Eyes was one of my favorite action figures from the 3 3/4 inch Hasbro line, so to see this updated version from Threezero has my inner 8 year old freaking out.

What I like:
The look-sleek, all black save for the "metal" on his hand and legs. Huge shelf presence.
Poseability - he may not have the range of a Hot Toy figure, but he's still pretty impressive, even without any included stand

What I didn't like:
The peg joints for his hands are incredibly brittle. One broke right out of the package and the other when trying to swap hands. The solution, I learned too late, is to apply heat either with a heat gun or by submerging the hand in hot water to remove the peg first. Luckily this issue has been corrected for the two Storm Shadow figures in the same series, but those joints do not fit on Snake-eyes. A quick email to CS has a set of replacements on their way to me.

TLDR; If you're a Snake-Eyes fan or a fan of figures with shelf presence, definitely pick him up. At $107 US at the time I bought him, it was a no-brainer. Just be careful when swapping hands.

Bobby Gill

I’ve been looking for a quality Snake Eyes for awhile, this figure is made from high quality and detail. Amazing! Highly recommended